Transfer to KEMER

“Life is a book; if you don’t travel, you feel like you read the same page over and over.” Written by St. Austine.

If you run away from work, go on vacation, but don’t try to escape life. Nature gives hugs from green, sun, and cold water. We can witness this beauty with you during your transportation from Antalya airport or bus station to any destination. We always try to provide you the best comfortable, trustable, and enjoyable ride as Transferia. Every corner of this town contains different beauties. Also, it gives you dignity and spectacular time during your vacation.

Kemer is a town located on the south coast of Turkey and about 43 kilometers from Antalya. Like other places, many foreign tourists travel to this region year-round; because of the sea, sand, and sun. If you would like to have an unforgettable vacation, this region provides you many options. For example, you can take a daily trip to see historic places or Lakes also, you can go trekking with a group of people, and you can discover many different types of trees, animals. There are nevertheless places that you can visit close to Kemer. For example, Phaselis, Olimpos, and the coast of Adrasan are the most historical places close to Kemer. Also, you can take the rope railway to see Kemer above to clouds. As we told you, life never stops in this region, as long as you are willing to take an adventure.

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